Tuesday, August 14, 2012

When good fragrances go bad

I picked up a 1 litre bottle of "rainbow sherbet old" from the Nature's Garden clearance sale.  It smells really nice, like cherries with an under tone of citrus and vanilla.  I decided to use it in my inspiration soap yesterday because it discolours to a nice brown and rainbow was just perfect.

My inspiration for yesterday's batch was a butterfly.  I didn't have my phone to get a picture of him, so here is one from Google:

I decided that a nice discolouring fragrance with light blue, dark blue. and bright orange would look super nice.

I got my batter to an emulsified stage, separated for my colours and scented the uncoloured portion.  I had been told it had very mild acceleration, so I mixed my colours and poured them into squeeze bottles.  Then I turned back to my scented portion....

OMG.  Its as hard as rock.  Son of a *****!!!  I grabbed my spatula to beat it back into submission, pushed it through the soap and SPLASH!  Liquid soap squirts up from underneath.  It sprays across my arm, neck and face.  Raw soap batter REALLY burns when it hits your lips.  Didn't burn anywhere else, just my lips.  It did splash onto my glasses though, SO glad I had eye protection, I don't even want to think of what it would have felt like in my eye!

I eventually beat the batter into as much submission as I'm going to get.  I glop 1/2 in the mold and then do some stripes with the colours, there is no way to possibly swirl anymore.  I glop in the other 1/2 and do some more stripes.  When I was done the mold was really warm, probably 120*F, but I covered it with the towel anyhow and put it to bed for the night.  We'll see how it turns out later hopefully, the scented portion still feels a little bit soft.

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