Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Mmm NG fragrances!

I put in an order for a bunch of new fragrance oils from NG (Nature's Garden, see links) and, because they are only over in Ohio, they always arrive in 2 days!  

I got 3 samples that were suggested to me by friends over at the teach soap forum; rocking the stars (rockstar dupe), pink sugar type (pink sugar dupe; Holly from Missouri River Soaps is addicted to this one, so I HAD to try it), and honey bunny (honey I washed the kids dupe).  They all smell amazing!!!!!  Can't wait to soap with them!

I also picked up 6 16oz bottles.  3 are from the clearance section of discontinued fragrances; "pomegranate cream" (it smells a bit like extra sweet fake fruit in the bottle, might change in soap), "oriental citrus sorbet" (smells like a citrus explosion with some sweet undertone), and "black currant vanilla" (the vanilla is super strong, but the black currant adds a nice pop of fruit, should be really nice in soap!).  

I picked up more "fresh fallen leaves", I had tried a 1oz sample size and really love it.  It doesn't smell exactly like fresh fallen leaves do, it is a bit perfumey,  but it smells really nice and fall like.  The next scent is" earl grey tea" which is supposed to smell like tea with lemon.  Out of the bottle it smells quite lemony, but not much like tea.  I've seen a review of it that indicates it will smell more like tea after it cures... we'll see!!!  The third regular priced fragrance is called "hot fudge brownie".   It literally made my mouth water, it smells like a fresh pan of brownies, just waiting to be devoured!  I can't wait to soap it!!!  Maybe tonight if I'm feeling up to it!

NG always sends a free "aroma bud", a little rose made out of wood flakes that they scent with fragrance.  Today's is "pumpkin eggnog" which I will now be purchasing for candles, it smells DELICIOUS!  It has joined my small collected of scented aroma buds over my stairs.


  1. Oooh...FIRST comment on a new blog. Nice job with the design - like the simple gesture using water. You did a great job documenting your studio construction on TeachSOAP, and you have a straightforward, informative style. I would trust the opinion of a soaper with a science background over one without - so I am glad you are getting your experience and knowledge out there. Best of luck and I have to hand it to you...I started a blog that showcased my plant photography, but I think I am too allergic to commitment to keep such a thing going.

    April Prey aka 'AprilPrey' at TeachSOAP

  2. Woo! My first comment! Thank you April! I love when my science side can be helpful, or my mess ups for that matter! Learning is the best!


  3. How exciting, this post made my mouth water! I will have to check some of these FOs out!

  4. Those all sound so nice! I have the Earl Grey on order too, it will be interesting to see what it does in soap!

  5. I just made some soap with the Black Currant Vanilla from NG and it turned out great. Already a big hit with everyone who's had a chance to sniff it.

    1. Great! Glad to hear it turns out smelling nice! Thank you!