Monday, August 13, 2012

Ahh the workshop!

Every soaper has a dream; their own workshop!  A place dedicated to soaping!  I get to be one of the lucky few to actually get one, eventually.  We've decided to take the "back room" where the washer and dryer were housed by the previous owner and turn it into a workshop for my upcoming business.  Sounds easy enough, right?  Wrong.  We had to prime and paint, that part was easy.  Then we had to rip out the old baseboards so we could pull up the dingy old carpet and the nasty old vinyl.  Also, not so hard.  But what was under that vinyl, that's the hard part!  There was a thick layer of whatever adhesive the old home owners' "handyman" had slathered on the floor, but it had reacted with whatever he'd used to fill/cover the nails to form a sticky soft goo.  We had to repair the floor with wood putty in several spots, and sand, and do a lot of sweeping and vacuuming!

Once we had the floor in a condition to lay the new vinyl tiles we started along the exposed wall (the opposite wall will have cabinets, hopefully).  This really wasn't any trouble, until we got to the areas with that old adhesive.  We tried primer that Lowes sells to help the tiles adhere, nope, they still peel up.  So we had to buy adhesive and glue them down.... glad we paid extra for the pre-adhesive tiles.  We only work on the room around 1 day per week, on one of my husbands' days off.  It took around a month to lay the entire floor, and we do have a couple tiles that we will need to apply adhesive to.

The next step: figuring out the exact cabinet configuration so we can purchase them and get the plumbing started.  At least its an existing wet wall, right?  *knocks on wood* I still anticipate some kind of issue which will require the attentions of an over priced plumber.  

The plan is to have the room finished before my parents come to visit this fall, here's to hoping we can do it!!!

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