Friday, August 17, 2012

Its not soap but.....

My husband took me to the local aquarium today... and I got to pet a shark, a bunch of stingrays, a sea anemone, and a big ole shrimp!  

The shark felt like sandpaper, and I broke the rules!  We were only supposed to pet him with 2 fingers, I cupped my hand and he rolled so his back ran against my palm and swam all the way through my hand, head to tail.  I think he liked me!  Same with the rays, I stroked them with my palm.  I know, I know... bad me!  But, they were so cute!  The rays were almost like slightly slimy rubber, they felt neat!  What I imagine a whale would feel like.

The anemone felt slightly sticky!  Its tentacles were covered with hundreds of teeny tiny little barbs, so your skin got stuck a bit.  It didn't hurt or anything.  But I didn't expect it!

The shrimp just felt like a shrimp, only huge.  And he ran away. =(

It was a great day!  The aquarium has lots of sharks... and 2 HIPPOS!  I absolutely love hippos!  But they were in the middle of their tank, underwater, and sound asleep.  I'd have liked to see more of them, but they were out cold.   They were still awesome though!  I got a stuffed hippo from the gift shop, my souvenir for the day!


  1. So cool Heather, lucky you!!! And bonus hippos, how fun! :D

  2. I love how the hippo at our nearby zoo opens his mouth when you hold your arm up over the rail above his area. Not sure if he thinks you are going to feed him, or if he thinks you are the food, haha!