Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Pondering soap designs.

Ever wonder how soapers come up with such neat designs?  Inspiration is the key!  It can come from anywhere, a picture, a creature, a smell, a dream... you name it and I'd bet you money that it has been an inspiration!  The problem comes when you get a bunch of inspirations and can't decide what to do, a soapers block or sorts. Like authors get only for soap!  This is me right now.  My brain is full of ideas but I can't come up with just 1 cohesive plan!

I have plenty of fragrances and colours to chose from, and plenty of ingredients.  I think my poor brain is overloading with all of the options!  There are a few I have to make for Christmas, but not yet, I have plenty of time for those.  No birthdays anytime soon, so no solid inspiration there.  I suppose I could do something for Canadian Thanksgiving which is in October.  Hrm.  Gah!!!  So many soaps so little space!  I need my workshop, STAT!

Anyone else ever have this problem?


  1. I know the feeling! Every now and then I'll just close my eyes and grab a fragrance oil out of the box - it doesn't matter what it is - and make soap. Most of the time it will be a plain soap, but sometimes I'll add goat's milk or an exfoliant as well. I don't add color when I do this because that requires too much thought: what color should I choose, does it go with the scent, etc. The process of making a basic soap seems to help clear out the jumbled thoughts. :)

  2. Keep a notebook or journal of your ideas.

    When you need to pick one, go through your notebook...write down 4-6 ideas on separate pieces of paper. Put them in a hat. Oooops - forgot you are Canadian...put the pieces of paper in a hockey helmet! Close eyes and pick one out. NO CHEATING...you must work with the concept you picked. Now you have a focus.