Saturday, November 16, 2013

Soap Challenge Club: November! "Squeeze Bottle Designs"

Well, this month I was able to make 3, yes THREE, attempts at the challenge soap!  Hooray!  I will be posting about the other two attempts very soon, just my favorite of them for the link up today!  And ho-boy am I in a rush!  I meant to post this yesterday, and now have a very patient husband waiting for me to get it done today!  Oops!!!

The soap is a mixture of lavender and basil essential oils, with 'piped' lavender buds and basil like leaves.  I use this soap in the kitchen as I find these EOs really help remove food smells from my hands (ie: garlic).

Without further ado, or husband frustration, here is the video!  I will extrapolate on the products I used in the next post!  So sorry for the rush with this one!