Sunday, February 16, 2014

Cut Soaps!

The soaps are finally cut and cleaned up! 3 of the batches turned out perfectly, the fourth not so much :(  Without further ado, the pictures!

First up we have 'Sweet Dusk':

Turned out super nice, apart from some drag lines caused by the cranberry seeds.  Love how it turned out!

Next up is 'Pineapple Salsa':

LOVE how this turned out!  And it smells a-maz-ing!  Turns out I'd missed my placing with the soap balls by around 3mm!  So I had to cut them individually.  There will be a making video for this once it finishes uploading. [valentines soap video uploading too!]

Next up, 'Hyper' remake:

Probably one of my favorite soaps to make, so bright and colourful!  Absolutely in love with how this one turned out!  Hooray!

Finally we have 'Highland Rainstorm', which did NOT work well:

Smells awesome, colours turned out just right... but what the heck are all of those flecks?!  Its not lye, or stearic acid, or oil pockets.  I've no idea what caused them :(  Hubby will give them a try once they're cured and see how they are.  If they're good then they will be given away.

In other news:  hoping to procure some insurance soon, so I can sell soap to more folks!  This means building up a larger stock of soap!  So I'll be accepting requests/suggestions for future batches!  Leave me a comment with what you'd like me to make!  <3

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