Saturday, December 14, 2013

LOTION! As promised!

Finally I made a lotion video!  Hooray!  Pretty self explanatory; the first part is an explaination of what I add to my lotions, the second is the initial mixing, and the third is adding of the goodies (proteins and extracts, and -of course- a preservative).  My recipe is a personal formulation.  

For more information on lotion crafting please head over to and read through Susan's tutorials (she also has a book!  AWESOME BUY!).

**DISCLAIMER - I am NOT a professional lotion crafter!  I've only been making lotion for ~2 years and am not awesome enough to give out my recipes!  Please drop by Susan's (linked above) blog to learn how to make lotion!**

Vanilla-Coconut Body Cream:

Unfortunately I forgot to nab a picture of the packaged lotion before I stuffed them in packing boxes that were headed to Canada.  I was up all night packing the boxes and it slipped my mind. =(

If you have any questions about my specific recipe please drop me a message and I will answer it asap, but I won't give out the recipe!

NOTE: I didn't forget to post the cutting video last week, I've just been trying to upload the edited video since then. =/  For some reason youtube keeps giving me errors, I think that the file may have been corrupted somehow.  I'll keep trying though!

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