Thursday, March 28, 2013

What's this??

This is SOAP!  Yes, my friends, I have been making some new soaps.  Boy it feels nice to be back at it!  Here is what I've been making!  

This is "Rainforest".  It is a very light fresh outdoors type scent, definitely unisex!  I chose the colours of rainforest flowers because I didn't want to go just plain green!  This was made in my Brambleberry (BB) 5lb wood loaf mold with silicone liner, LOVE that mold!  I messed up my measurements somehow so I also have some smaller bars that I think will be gifts when I finally open a shop!

Next we have Blackberry Sage, a scent I picked up from AHRE (Aroma Haven and Rustic Escentuals).  LOVE the scent, much more fruity and yummy than I expected!  I seemingly forgot to "clean" these bars, so they look a bit rustic.  Oops?  Using this in the shower now, very nice soap!  Made in BB's older version of the column mold with liner

And last, but not least, black raspberry vanilla!  Still in the mold too!  Slightly annoyed at this one, one of the colourants I used (see the awesome raspberry colour?) is bleeding like mad and colouring the entire batch!  So much for my nice swirls!  The company assured me it was non-bleeding too!  GAH!  At least it still smells great, and doesn't look too bad!  The fragrance and mold are both from BB!

That's it for the current soaps, off right now to make my tiger swirl soap for the Great Cakes Soapworks 2013 soap challenge!!!  Well... right after I do my post to try and get into the spring S.O.A.P. test group!  Wish me luck!!


  1. Good luck on the SOAP panel, Heather, I know you'd do great at it! And those colors in the Rainforest soap are so lovely!!

  2. Glad to see you again, Heather! You've been busy soaping! All three batches are gorgeous, but I especially love the Rainforest soap. Best of luck with the SOAP panel - I hope you are chosen to participate!