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S.O.A.P is a panel of random soap makers who get the incredible chance to test some of Bramble Berry's newest scents before they become publicly available.  To me it is also an extremely coveted chance to do something in return!  Bramble Berry staff is always there for us, and now a few lucky soapers get to be there for them, how awesome is that?  Below is my application, of sorts, to the spring 2013 S.O.A.P panel!  Wish me luck folks, I SO want this!!

The first question is this: what is my favorite Bramble Berry product.  Seems simple and straight forward, right?  But alas, that means choosing just one!  Which I can't do!  So I guess I will chose my top 5 favorites and explain why I can't soap without them.

1) My BB Multi-Bar Cutter!  Who can argue with perfect bars?  Gone are the days of the knife, cheeseboard, and push cutters.  You'd be amazed at how crooked I can cut!  This guy has made my cutting jobs look wonderful, and boy is it easy to use!

2) 5lb Wood Mold with Silicone Liner!  I find this mold to be the PERFECT size, the bars fit in my hands just right (I cut the loaf using the multi-bar cutter mentioned above, of course!).  The liner also makes this a super easy to use mold, no fussing with freezer paper!  I was a bit skeptical of the sliding bottom at first, was worried it would slide out randomly and ruin my batch, but it is actually pretty snug!  My trick with the liner is to use double sided tape to stick it to the mold so it doesn't fold in on itself when you try to pour in your batter.  Works like a charm!  Everyone needs one of these molds!

3) The Heavy Duty Column Mold (with liner)!  I tried my own PVC pipe mold and struggled to unmold my soaps.  These molds are extra nice with their perfect fit liners, no more struggling with freezer paper inside a pipe!  I think these are my most used molds, you can make some super pretty swirls and funnel pour designs using these.  A word of advice?  Get at least 2!  One just isn't enough!  [I have the "old" version of the linked mold, the new ones look even easier to unmold!  Great job BB!]

4) Fragrances!  Not just a specific few, but a whole BUNCH! Dragon's Blood, Fresh Snow, Black Raspberry Vanilla, Sweet Meyer Lemon, Orange 10X Essential Oil, and Peppermint Essential Oil (2nd distillation)... just to name a few!  The only problem I have with the fragrances from BB is that I don't have enough money to buy every one I want to try!  Thank goodness for those free samples!  A little sample of love!  

5) The Mini Mixer!  These little guys are great for mixing colourants into glycerin, oil or water.  They get rid of any clumps and help you get a nice cohesive mix.  Since I got my first one I haven't really had any "colourant clumps" in any bars, which is excellent!  Those little lumps always annoyed me.  I now have 2 of these just in case I should break one, can't go without it!

That is a brief taste of my favorite BB items, but the list is extensive!

The second question: why should I be chosen for the spring 2013 S.O.A.P panel?  This one is a bit easier for me, and less lengthy for you!  I've been making soap since I was around 10 (MP then, CP/HP for the last 1.5 years) and I am absolutely, beyond a doubt, hooked.  I love pouring my creativity into something that is ultimately useful.  I also love Bramble Berry.  I think I should be chosen for this panel because of my love of the craft, and the company.  I believe it is my turn to give something back to the folks who are always there to help me when I need it.  I don't think I've ever waited even a day for help when I send a message to BB, and the responses are always friendly and helpful.  I want to be able to use my love of the craft to help BB for a change!  It would be an incredible honour to be chosen for the panel, but even if I'm not I'll be excited for those who are!

<3 Heather

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  1. I was on the SOAP panel two years ago with my 10th Ave. Soapworks blog and had so much fun! Wishing you all the best!