Saturday, October 20, 2012

Waste not!

Ever have an AWESOME soap that just didn't turn out as planned?  A while ago (5 months or so) I made a super nice 8 colour faux funnel swirl but part of it stuck to the mold.  I had a few nice bars but a lot of chipped up looking "sample" sized bars too.  They've just been sitting on the shelf while I thought about what to do with them.  I finally decided to shred them and make a confetti soap!  These are the "sample" sized chipped up bars:

As you can see the swirl is very nice, but the pieces themselves are not.  Even after months curing I found this one to be soft and sticky inside!  This made grating it a little harder, as the shreds just wanted to stick together in a clump!  But I managed to get this stack of shreds after only a few minutes of grating!  I have enough scraps for a second batch too!

Not sure why it keeps posting that sideways, but you get the idea!  Rainbow shreds!!  I also sliced up some rainbow soap chips for the tops of the bars:

Again, it wants to post the picture sideways.  Silly Blogger!  I love how the shreds and chips turned out!  I used my basic cold process recipe but substituted some of the water with heavy cream.  I put it in my new Bramble Berry (BB) 5lb soap mold with silicone liner.  LOVE the liner, don't like the sliding bottom mold though, it's hard to pull the bottom out once you have a heavy 5lb batch of soap in it.  I just upend the mold and let it slide out the top instead.  Think I will get my husband to help me make some same-sized molds and just get the silicone liners from BB.

Arg!!  Why is it turning my pictures?!  They are all horizontal in the picture file!  I think it's just doing it to annoy me now!  This is my batch in the mold, complete with pretty rainbow soap chips!  I used some titanium dioxide in the base but soaped a little hot and the lye burned my cream a little bit.  I actually kind of enjoy the creamy yellow colour it turned out though!

The finished bars!  I'm absolutely in LOVE with these!  They smelled a little like cheese when I cut them (guessing from the cream) but that has since faded.  8 colour rainbow confetti soap!  Woo-woo!  Very pleased with how my "wasted" soap became something new and exciting!

Next up: fudge brownie Christmas soap, orange cranberry Christmas soap, peppermint swirl... you guessed it!  Christmas soap!  And a lip balm pictorial!

Are there any other pictorials you guys would like to see?  Leave me a comment!  Thanks for stopping by folks!  <3


  1. That's gorgeous Heather!! I absolutely love it!! Great job!! I just bought some heavy cream while we were out for groceries a couple days ago, can't wait to give it a try. Glad you are enjoying that new mold...err, liner at least!

  2. So pretty Heather, I love your rainbow confetti soap! Your upcoming soaps sound so yummy too...can't wait to see the pics!

  3. I love your confetti soap, Heather! What a great way to use up extra soap, or soap that didn't turn out quite right. Your holiday soaps sound amazing, too - can't wait to hear about them!

  4. What a great idea for your soap that didn't turn out the way you were expecting -- it makes the soap just pop!