Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Christmas soaps part 1!

Here are the first two soaps I've made for Christmas!  Posting them a little late because some silly hurricane decided to come through and mess up my timeline!  [Don't worry, there was no damage and we're all fine!].  Today I give you peppermint swirl and brownie swirl!  These were both made in my Bramble Berry Heavy Duty Column Molds which are absolutely fantastic and an extremely good price!  I just love them.  I used my shiny (well, not really!) new Multi-Bar Cutter also from Bramble Berry... which I got as an early birthday present from my parents!  LOVE this cutter!  Now all of my bars are perfect!

Here is the soap!
Peppermint swirl: made with goats' milk, titanium dioxide and ruby red mica (from The Conservatorie).  Scented with peppermint EO second distillation also from Bramble Berry!

Brownie swirl: made with goats' milk, titanium dioxide, dark brown mica and smokey xxx mica (both micas from TKB).  Scented with hot fudge brownies from Nature's Garden.

And with the left over batter from my batches I made these adorable chocolate peppermint stars!  I think a couple of them may make it into my Christmas Giveaway in a couple of weeks!

These smell SO yummy!!!  They literally make my mouth water!

Next up: A mica review of 12 colours from the Conservatorie.  Including 4 CP STABLE purples!!!  Exciting!!  After that a mini-pictorial of my 3rd Christmas soap; cranberry orange.  And maybe a pictorial on making apple cinnamon wax melts.  Would you folks like that?


  1. Squee, I love the brownie soap! Great swirls, bet they smell amazing!! Can't wait to see those 12 colors!!!

  2. Your soaps turned out beautifully, Heather! I love the swirls in the brownie soaps, and the peppermint funnel swirl looks so cool! These will make great Christmas gifts! And I'm so glad to hear that you pulled through the storm all right. I'm seeing coverage of the aftermath of Sandy and it looks really bad in some parts of the Northeast. I'm glad that you're okay!

  3. Both soaps look so YUMMY! I love the little stars too, I bet the fragrance combination smells amazing! Can't wait to see your mica colors, I haven't tried very many micas in CP soap yet but I really like using them.

  4. The chocolate soap is my favourite!
    So beautiful!!!