Thursday, September 6, 2012

Poll inspired soap!

Here we go folks!  The soap that was inspired by the poll!  This is "Apple Peel", a blend I mixed up that smells like a bushel of fresh apples!  There was a slight mishap with the green; it was labeled as "green oxide" but looked a bit more earthy than a standard green oxide, like a mix.  It started out in the soap as a beautiful earthy green shade, a perfect companion for the other harvest type shades.  It still looks alright in its pale form, but it isn't exactly how it was intended to be.  Oh well!  I now know that that container was mislabeled by the vendor (it was part of a HUGE clearance set, mostly unlabeled, lots of stuff to test!).

Next up: a discussion on the soap supply disorder that accompanies constructing a workshop, with lots of pictures of the ginormous mess in our spare bedroom... everything is crammed on one shelf unit, on top of the two twin beds, and in various boxes all over the room.

After that: my FIL (father in law) loves my apple peel scent so much he wants a lotion!  So I think maybe I'll do a little lotion tutorial in pictures.  It will NOT be a teaching thing, more of a "here is what I do" thing.  I am NOT by any means a professional lotioncrafter.  Yet anyhow!


  1. Pretty soap, Heather! It is very colorful. I think the green still looks nice even if it didn't turn out quite as intended. The fragrance sounds great, too - perfect for autumn!

  2. Love it Heather! It looks like a perfect color combination for the fragrance. I would love to see a lotion pictorial too!