Monday, September 24, 2012

Blog Giveaway!

While moving my "soap stuff" to my workshop (nope, it isn't completed yet, just need the spare room for guests) I realized I have a LOT of soaps, lotions etc.  So I decided to do a couple of giveaways!  1 here, and 1 over at the teach soap forums, the place to go for help and information galore!  What will be included in the blog giveaway?  Lets see.....

-large baggie of red glitter
-4 or 5 soaps
-lavender lotion
-a couple lotion bars, scented with Brambleberry's 'energy'
-grapefruit liquid soap (its from my first batch, so you'd be a guinea pig of sorts!)
-large baggie of sample sized soaps
-stack of 30ml glass jars with lids (I still have to count how many I have)
-2 oz cuticle and dry skin slave
-a lucky koi (my signature MP soap)

To enter just leave a comment below with some way for me to contact you, you can enter any time between now and October 10!

If you're also a member over at the teach soap forums, you can enter the giveaway there too!

PS- I finally got my jars in the mail, I will be making the lotion this week!!!  The pictorial is on its way! =D


  1. Great idea Heather! Can't wait to see your completed lotion pictorial :D

  2. Oh goodie! I'm doubling my chances since I've already signed up on the TS forum. :)

    Looking forward to the pictorial as well!

  3. Fun giveaway---very generous of you!

  4. Yay! I love giveaways!

    (AriaGirl77 from Teach Soap)

  5. Wow, that sounds lovely! So generous of you!!

  6. Hi Heather! It's Sonya from TS (noni2009)! I like your blog and would like to be considered for your giveaway! Thank you!

  7. Thanks for thinking of all the beginning soapers.AWESOME OF YOU!

  8. 1. Cee Gee
    2. Linda
    3. Melissa
    4. Carrie
    5. Amy
    6. Midnight
    7. Sonya
    8. Pat