Saturday, July 19, 2014

Soap Challenge Club July: Colour Palettes

The challenge this month was to take colour palettes provided by Amy and make soaps to match them!  We could choose either synthetic or natural colourants, but not a mixture of both.  This month we can actually enter 2 different polls this month, if we do one soap with synthetic colourants and one with natural... so naturally I did.  

The synthetically coloured soap monstrosity!
Yes, monstrosity.  I chose to do this one as an in the pot swirl and I really am not hyped about the result.  The batter was too thin and the colours mashed together too much.  It isn't terrible, but it isn't how I envisioned it.  It smells amazing though, and will still clean just as well!!

On a good note, my colours are pretty darned perfect!  EXTREMELY pleased with my colour mixing!

Light blue: magic blue mica (discontinued).
Light purple: ultramarine violet.
Dark purple: violet mica and black mica.
Very dark grey: black mica and a tiny bit of super pearly white mica.
Bright orange: Orange heaven mica, neone mango madness colourant, super pearly white mica.
Pale yellow: Strong florescent yellow and super pearly white.

Scented with "Cucumber Melon Cybilla".

The naturally coloured soap, of awesome!
ABSOLUTELY in love with this soap!!  Not only are the colours spot on, but OMG my scent blend is amazing!  This one will be hard to wait the 6 weeks for!  This soap turned out exactly how I wanted it, it is perfect!

There are a few small air pockets due to the viscosity of the batter when I poured this one (one of my fragrances is a slight accelerator), but I don't really mind air pockets.  To me, they say "Yep, I'm handmade.".

Orange: annato seed infusion, yellow clay and red clay.
Red: annato seed infusion and red clay.
Very dark brown: activated charcoal and organic cocoa powder.
Mustardy yellow: annato seed infusion.
Offwhite: tiny bit of yellow clay.

Scented with an essential oil blend... sorry, no spoilers!  Its mine!  MINE!  


  1. Great job, Heather!! I love both of your soaps! Glad you are happy with them too. :) Seriously, you can't just give a hint of what the scent blend might be on the natural one??

  2. Wow, I think we all want to know now!

  3. Wow - great job - these are beautiful!

  4. Yes, your colors are perfect.
    And both soaps look great! And the swirls of the Summer Setting palette soap are outstanding in such a beautiful way!