Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Salt Bars

Here are my salt bars!  They are made with 100% coconut oil with a 20% SF (super fat, the extra oils that don't get turned into soap... leaves your skin nice and soft!).  I scented them with "Pears and Berries" from The Sage.  The colours ended up more of a watermelon type combination, which is fine, as the fragrance definitely has a melon undertone.  Love this fragrance!

Sorry for the bad picture, my new phone case doesn't let me use the flash so you get to see the shadow of the phone in the picture!  Gah!  The pink is more of a watermelon pink than the orange it seems above.  I really need to take pictures during the day!

Next up: Snowfall restock!  And hopefully 1 more soap before Christmas!  

Is there a pictorial you'd like to see me post?  If so, leave me a comment here and I will do my best to make one for you!

Happy Holidays folks!!

EDIT:  Forgot to say that I made these in my Bramble Berry 9 bar birchwood mold, LOVE this mold!  One of my favorites by far!  They were unmolded after ~12 hours and were a little crumbly along the edges.


  1. Great salt bars Heather, I love the colors! I would love to try your recipe...how long do they need to stay in the mold for, and can you cut them or should they be poured into individual molds?

  2. They look great, the colors blend so well together. :)

  3. Lovely soaps! I have made only once salt bars , they are really great, one of my favourites!I used 80% coconut oil and 20 castor oil. It will be interesting to see your video, thank you!