Thursday, November 29, 2012

The soaps....

Here are some pictures of what I've been working on!  As promised, although a little bit late. Wow Holidays and a cold together can be super tiring!!

Without further ado... the soaps!!

This one is "Figgy Pudding", the third and final Christmas soap!  The scent is figgy pudding and french vanilla both from WSP (I don't use them anymore, but will use what I have from them).  I piped the top with a wilton 2D tip, then sprinkled crystal sugar, iridescent glitter and candy pearls all over it.  This one got HOT around 200*F!  It ended up in the fridge overnight.

I didn't like the scent at first, it smelled almost grape-like.  It has changed some as it cures though and now smells a lot more like a Christmas pudding!  This one is mostly for my Mom, and our Christmas mouse who sings about how much she loves figgy pudding!

Next we have "Dragon's Blood", which I have yet to come up with a personal name for.. Draco something!  This scent is Dragon's Blood from BB.  As usual it went almost black for me (The colour in all 4 of these pictures is off, the paper in the background is a bright cerulean blue, for example).  There is a dilute green ITP swirl in this one because this soap is my Husband's favorite, and he loves green.  Bummed that that swirl is almost non-existent!  But it is a nice soap!

All of these photos have the exact same piece of cerulean blue paper for a background, but for some reason my iphone did NOT want to take nice pictures today!  But you can see the soaps at least!  The texture on the bars is from my wire cutter, I'm working on figuring out why it does that!

These next two are in my 'Aux Naturel' line; plant based colours and scents (essential oils) only.

I introduce to you "1972"; a blend of lavender, patchouli and orange essential oils.  I chose that particular year because it is the year my older brother was born (the next 70s soap will be for my sister!).  The purple side of this soap is coloured with an alkanet root infusion and the yellow side is coloured with an annatto seed infusion (the same seed they use to colour cheddar cheese, fun fact).  This one gave me a bit of a startle, the alkanet went in bright concentrated purple then proceeded to turn an icky blue-grey!  Luckily the purple came back with air exposure as the soap saponified (became soap). [lavender 40/42 essential oil and orange 10X essential oil from BB, alkanet and annato from BB via a soapy friend, and patchouli and lavandin essential oils from MMS].

The colours are actually more pastel than the brightness seen in the photo, darn you iphone!

I made this next, and last, soap yesterday.  I used the steamed and pureed 'guts' from my Thanksgiving pumpkins.  The colour is solely from the pumpkin!  The black flecks are poppy seeds for mild exfoliation.  For now this soap is called "Pumpkin Poppyseed".  This is an unscented soap for those folks who just want to smell clean, or those who are sensitive to fragrances.

The actual colour is more of a dark butter yellow.

That's all of the new soaps, for now!  

Coming up very very soon will be a woven face cloth pictorial!

Next soaps: Snowfall and some salt bars.


  1. Nice soaps, Heather! I especially love "1972" - the design is so nice and the fragrance combo sounds lovely.

  2. I love them all, especially the pumpkin poppyseed! I can't wait to see your salt bars, I've been wanting to try one but haven't yet!

  3. What fun designs! I'm with Jenny on the "1972" design, it's fun and funky and the colors are just perfect.